Stay Afloat with Us

We do everything at Northwest Marine Fiberglass in Seattle, WA. Visit our facility today if your boat needs refinishing, modifications, repairs or custom fabrications. Even if you just need a buff and wax, we can provide a hullside buff and add a fresh coat of bottom paint. We’ll give a haul out to Canal Boat Yard and get you back in the water as soon as possible.

Our Services Include:

Buff and Bottom
Custom Fabrication
Modification and Repair
Each of our services is carried out with expert precision and care. Need a refinish? We can give you your choice of either Awl-Grip or Sterling linear polyurethane paint after we use our standard 545 epoxy primer. For modifications and repairs we can efficiently provide anything from hull extensions to deck replacements. Our custom jobs are favorites among boat enthusiasts. We strive to make each addition look as though it was built into the boat’s original framework. The custom fabricated parts we create are built to exceed the highest standards in construction aesthetic beauty.

Call for the Best in Quality Service

Why go to anyone else when Northwest Marine Fiberglass can accommodate all your needs? Give us a call today.

Northwest Marine Fiberglass

4385 11th Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98107